DDHS v0.4.0 – Rules clarifications and more

I've posted an update to Drier Deserts, Hotter Suns with a bunch of rules clarifications, typo fixes, and formatting changes. Also, it turns out I forgot to include the explosive gear in the previous version so it's there now.

In addition to the boring stuff above, I've also added a lucky fortunes table that referees can use to alter the fate of characters with high luck scores. You can now also download the Character and Ship sheet directly, to simplify your printing and character creation needs.


Thanks to the current indoorsification of the world, the playtests that I'd normally run are on hold. I'm looking to create some digital tools to make running DDHS online easier, mainly since I don't want my poor online game running skills to interfere with playtesting. Once that's done I'm going to plan on running more online DDHS games. This is pretty important, since once I'm happy with the state of the rules I can start to prepping towards the next steps of DDHS, mainly things like the expanded referee tools, adventures, art, and formatting.

So you can expect the next version of DDHS to likely include some rules changes, or at the very least some kick-ass referee tools.

Let me know: would you be interested in basic digital tools for DDHS? Interested in participating in a playtest?

Thank you to everyone for your feedback and continued support!

Happy Spacing,

- Daniel


Drier Deserts, Hotter Suns v0.4.0 1 MB
Apr 19, 2020
Character Sheet 62 kB
Apr 19, 2020
Ship Sheet 38 kB
Apr 19, 2020

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